november 04, 2012

Moving forward

Right…  it's official…  I'm moving!

You are all invited to come on over to my blog WABI SABI, where I'll be posting from now and on. 

Why - you ask? Well, as my life is changing, I'm changing with it. From now and on, I'm focusing more art & photography and less on interior design consultancy, helping my clients finding the perfect item or  personal style. Instead I'll be a more "selfish" blogger over at WABI SABI, and simply blog about clever, eco friendly ideas and simple yet sophisticated spaces that inspire ME. Mixed with arts, crafts and photography, of course. 

For those of you following this blog, please adjust your links. 

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Thanks! Love your comments. Makes blogging sooooo much more fun! Tack för din kommentar! Lika kul att läsa om du gillar vad jag skriver som när du tycker tvärt emot. /Lisbeth

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